Meiram El-Habul

Meiram El Habul is a partnership established at the beginning of the year 2000 as a merger of two previously separate, well-known organizations in the Israeli market, Messrs. Meiram and Messrs. El Habul Ltd, both of whom are in business for over 20 years.
  • Both Meiram and El Habul are very reputable, long established businesses and were acting as marketing and distribution organizations in the market of stationery, office supplies and photo products, handling top of the line products whether locally produced or imported.
  • Since these two entites were operating in general, in the very same markets, it made a lot of sense to combine these entities and merge the activities to one very efficient, economically handled marking platform, thus giving a much better service to the customers and a stronger and broader potential to Meiram El Habul's suppliers
  • Meiram El Habul is managed by its three partners, Mr. Matee Weiss, Mr. Rafi Erlich and Mr. Rony Sadeh, all long established and very experienced in this industry.


During 2003-2004, The company has established 5 stores, that specialize in selling a huge variaty of albums - for Weddings, Bar-Mitzvas, Baby-Albums, Memorial Albums, Pocket Albums, Roots-Albums, Self-Adheside, Designer albums, Stamps Albums and collectors items.
They are called "Albomim" - the Hebrew word for Albums.
84, Ben-Zvi Road. Panrama complex. Tel-Aviv 68104 Israel. Tel. 972-3-6810559, Fax. 972-3-6810354, 972-3-6829711
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